Tilbrook Rasheed is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our 2024 Undergraduate cohort; Angus, Skye, Quan, Summer and Oly.


Tilbrook Rasheed offers a rewarding career to young school leavers, supporting their studies and on-the-job experience in our accounting firm. Annually we conduct extensive engagement with Year 12 students in schools across Adelaide where we discuss the compelling reasons to consider this profession.


A career in accounting is always in demand. Every business, regardless of its size or industry, requires accounting services to manage finances, track expenses, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.


If you would like more information on our undergraduate program, contact careers@trca.com.au


The Partners of Tilbrook Rasheed Chartered Accountants are pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • Alex Buersch, Charlie Rasheed, Elliott Viles, Jack Tilley, Kris Karafoulidis, Maddisen Kammermann, Sam Lange and Thomas Wood are promoted to Senior Accountants.
  • Brock McFarlane and Christopher Buersch are now Assistant Managers.
  • Ben Homburg and Emily Ware are our newest Managers.
  • In addition, Emma Mackie is now our HR Business Partner.

Many of our staff start as undergraduates and we watch as their careers’ progress and support their success. We would like to congratulate all those who have received promotions and recognise the hard work and diligence of our colleagues.

Please feel free to reach out to any of our team members if you need great business advice or are interested to find out more about our organisation.

Tilbrook Rasheed offers school leavers the opportunity to work full time and study part time whilst completing their undergraduate studies in Commerce and Accountancy. This recruitment program has been in operation since 1995 and a number of our current staff are the testimony to its success. In 2023, we welcomed 5 Undergraduate Accountants – Lachlan Dickens, Lachy Clark, Sienna Matto, Oscar Sandford and Raymond Chau. We are excited to provide them with a challenging, diversified and enjoyable work environment as they engage on their professional business careers. If you are interested in our undergraduate program contact  careers@trca.com.au.

Jamie Norton and Ben Cornish from McGrathNicol Advisory recently updated our partners and staff on the threat of a Cyber attack and essential measures and practices that all accounting practices should be considering. Discussion included recent attacks on Australian businesses including what weaknesses were exploited.

Tilbrook Rasheed staff were honoured to hear from two of South Australia’s leaders on International Women’s Day – Kate Croser, CEO for SA Film Corporation and Fiona Dorman, Chair for the Premier’s Council for Women.  Kate spoke about courage and the importance of standing up when faced with injustice and discrimination. Fiona challenged the group to say “yes” and see what doors open when you are brave and you lean into opportunities. Fiona also told the group not to wait to be invited to the table – pull up a chair! This advice transcends gender and empowers everyone to get involved. It was particularly great to see our male colleagues turn up and engage in the conversation.  #embracechange #equity

Tilbrook Rasheed is always on the lookout for top accounting talent. We are pleased to announce the following new appointments; Michelle Weng and Bill shang join us as Senior Accountants and Juliana Souza as a new accountant. In recognition of her continued dedication and work results – Fer Lyn Ng was recently promoted to Senior Accountant at Tilbrook Rasheed.

Caleb Appleby joined the IT team as support.

The Royal Adelaide Wine Show is the most prestigious wine show in Australia, featuring over 2,500 wines from over 300 wineries across the country. Wines are judged by a panel of esteemed judges from across Australia over four days, to determine medal and trophy winners.


Won by – Seppeltsfield Wines – Barossa Grenache 2022

Sourced from the #Seppeltsfield plantings of #Grenache on the western ridge, the wine is joven in style and medium-bodied, with a core of pure fruit and lithe tannin, best enjoyed now!

Chief Winemaker, Fiona Donald said “Today’s recognition at the 2022 #RoyalAdelaideWineAwards reinforces that we are very much on the journey to match our reputation for the fortified wine collection with the luxury still wine collection, with Grenache, the jewel in the crown.

Tilbrook Rasheed has expanded the team with new appointments to the professional staff including Rasa Buckley as General Manager and Emma Mackie as HR Advisor. In addition, we have welcomed a new Manager, Aiden Hiew, and four new Accountants: Becky Zhao, Elliott Viles, Kris Karafoulidis and Jack Tilly. With support staff Diana Capurso, Sarah Tonissen and Evie Fardon rounding out the recent new hires group.

Tilbrook Rasheed rewards hard work and dedication. Many of our staff start as undergraduates and we watch as their careers’ progress and support their success. The partners are pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • Lily Brice-Marwood has been promoted to Senior Accountant
  • Albert Rasheed, Ben Homburg, Emily Ware and Emily Woodward have been promoted to Assistant Managers
  • The newest appointments to the Management team include Josh Jackson, Chris Williams, Adam Coumi, Krystal Gardner, James Weir, Madison Harris and Kevin Low

We would like to congratulate all those who have received promotions and recognise the hard work and diligence of our colleagues.

We are very pleased to welcome two new Accountants to the Tilbrook Rasheed team.  We are excited to have Thomas and Ferlyn join us and look forward to seeing them develop their careers with our firm.