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Primary Production

The primary production sector covers a large and diverse range of businesses. Tilbrook Rasheed has expertise in many fields including viticulture, broad acre farming, sheep and cattle production, aquaculture and fishing.

Tilbrook Rasheed has been involved in advising clients on taxation and the commercial aspects involving alternate sources of funding such as retail financial products, where traditional forms of funding are scarce. This experience has been in the form of assistance throughout the fund raising process, preparation of commercial documentation, Australian Taxation Office public ruling liaison and other corporate advisory tasks.

Each area is unique and requires specific experience in advising clients in:

  • Taxation
  • Family Succession Planning
  • Business Restructure
  • Business Purchases and Sales
  • Equity Raising
  • Product Rulings

Tilbrook Rasheed provides accurate, timely and tailored advice to all primary production specialisations.