A wide range of services


Superannuation is often the most significant retirement asset our clients have. It is also often misunderstood and as a result, major benefits to long term savings opportunities can be missed.

Tilbrook Rasheed provides accurate, independent taxation and trustee compliance advice to ensure clients maximise their retirement savings.

The continued changes in the superannuation industry requires Tilbrook Rasheed to provide a range of independent solutions for clients requiring assistance with their superannuation, retirement and estate planning strategies.

These include:

  • Preparation of statutory financial reports.
  • Preparation of annual income tax returns.
  • Assistance with the establishment of Self Managed Super Funds
  • Assisting with superannuation roll-over documentation.
  • Assistance with discharging trustee compliance obligations including assistance with statutory minutes.
  • Discharge of statutory audit obligations.
  • Taxation advice on contributions and pension strategies.
  • Retirement planning tax strategies.
  • Estate and family inheritance planning.

Tilbrook Rasheed does not hold an Australian Financial Service Licence, however, through our affiliated entity TR Financial Services Pty Ltd we are able to provide a broader range of superannuation advisory services, beyond tax compliance.  TR Financial Services Pty Ltd holds a Limited AFSL (No. 486082). More information of these services is found here.

We pride ourselves on our independence and transparency so we do not provide direct investment product advice, and unlike many firms, we do not involve our clients in investments where Tilbrook Rasheed, TR Financial Services Pty Ltd or any associated entities receive a commission.

We use the resources of a range of independent stockbrokers and financial advisers who, provide clients with the best investment choices and advice available.

Careful planning and professional independent advice often results in significant increases in the after-tax retirement income for our clients.